For several years, I have been interested in seeing and being seen from the media. It is connected to my past theme-relationships. My past theme looked at the relationship between people to people; now my perspective has changed a bit about relationships. Currently, I look at people to the media.  In my past works, I used mainly fiber, thread, and paintings. Now my artwork materials consist of painting and computer art (graphics).I changed my materials a bit to help people understand my theme better.

One of the important theme of my artwork is “seeing and being seen.” So I started my artwork painting by hand and then I moved them to the computer to change something. At first, my perspective showed people’s dreams and inner minds when they were young, such as what they wanted to be or have. I illustrated this thinking with lines, lots of small irregular cubes with small colored dots on a black background. Then, on the computer, I started to change the original images including the cubes’ size and perspective.

The cube represents the space we live and work in all our lives. Our house is like a cube, and our work space is also shaped in this way. We are constantly surrounded by cubical spaces. In this space, we often see several images from the media. However, regardless of our social levels, we all see these portrayed images and what happens here.

Through my artwork, I illustrate the media’s fake images. We know the media’s images are not entirely true, but we don’t think much of this. Instead, we think lightly about this issue. Some people utilize this type of lifestyle on purpose because it is convenient. So, eventually we start believe, the media’s intention. As time passes by, we realize these images are not true, but we already hurt by it in various ways. Nevertheless, the media is also beneficial; it educates on numerous issues and topics. But, we have to be smart when choosing what to believe or accept.

The changing of several different images in my artwork shows the process the media uses when they present images to the public. Simply said, I illustrate fake is true, true is fake. In my final artwork, I removed all of the original paintings that I originally started with. When people see my final work, they feel that images are very modern, strong, chic, and abstract. It also reflects the dreams of those who live in the city. But these images were not intentionally started this way, it is more humanistic, like children’s innocence. When people see the analog compared with the digital images I created, I want them to realize that we don’t know which form is better- just as in the case of the media. However, we need to make smart choices, not just follow what are others think. Through my artwork, I want to show that we need to make good choices in our life.